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The Guest Post Quandry

The following post is from our sponsor Kapost (formerly known as Grogger). Read on to learn more about them and the guest post quandry.

More posts. More posts. It’s the drumbeat that never ends for a blogger, the incessant challenge to always be putting out more good content.

A great, well-known solution: don’t rely just on yourself–or your team–to produce content. Reach out to others and get guest posts.

But how do you get guest posts? Reaching out and soliciting posts from others can work, but it can take much more time than it’s worth.

So instead of reaching out, just let folks know. Put some messaging on your blog: ”we welcome your guest posts. Please submit your post to guestposts@myblog.com.”

But consider the calculus of a potential guest poster in reaction to this message. Writing a good, quality post is significant investment of time. But the potential return on that investment is a great unknown for the guest poster. Does the post have a chance at getting published? Will the blogger even give it a fair review? Might I spend the time writing and end up with nothing as a result?

So what is a blogger to do? The guest poster’s concerns could be addressed by opening up, and letting guest posts publish right to the site. But of course that doesn’t work for the blogger.

Kapost provides the solution to this quandry. Our WordPress plug-in quickly installs:

  • an easy way for guests to post
  • a set of community pages–think of them as “minor leagues”–where the guest posts go first, giving guest posters some level of recognition / visibility for their post
  • a crowd-ranking mechanism for posts to be filtered by the community
  • the ability for blog owners to promote the posts they like best to their home page with one click

Check out this commercial to learn more about the concept or this product tour to see Kapost in action.

And most importantly, come to Atlas Coffee at 11am on Saturday to talk with the Kapost team at WordCamp Boulder.

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WordCamp Boulder is a conference created for enthusiasts, users, developers, designers, and fans of WordPress in the Denver/Boulder area. Who attends a WordCamp? Local bloggers, web developers, publishers, designers, internet and marketing enthusiasts, and companies interested in blogging and/or building on WordPress.

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